best choice of wedding cakes

Custom Flavors

Cassata an American version to the Italian favorite; a moist white cake covered in a rum syrup, with a sweeten Ricotta cheese filling and topped with a cream cheese buttercream frosting.

Root Beer Float is a fun cake for any special event. A root beer flavored cake with a vanilla filling.

Orangesicle a wonderful treat from the past. This is a moist cake with a vanilla filling that taste just like the old fashion creamsicle popsicle.  

​Pina Colada it's not just a drink anymore, it's a rum cake filled with a pineapple and coconut filling.

Strawberries and Cream is a wonderful treat anytime. A strawberry cake with a swirl of sweeten cream cheese and strawberry filling.

​Carmel Apple our moist caramel cake with an apple filling will have you looking forward to the cool fall evenings.

Butter Pecan our butter pecan cake with a vanilla filling will remind you of fresh homemade ice cream. Or for something really unique put a maple filling in the center and you have fresh made pancakes. 

Amaretto Cake with a raspberry filling.

Champagne cake with a strawberry or peach filling.

Dark Chocolate Red Wine Cake made with a California Merlot wine. There are those that prefer a rich raspberry cream filling while others prefer a creamy blueberry Bavarian filling.

Red Velvet with a French apple, Bavarian cream or a homemade cream filling.

Lemon Poppy Seed cake with a crisp fresh raspberry or blueberry filling is wonderful.